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23 Novembre 18

► TWIN4 CLIL – Nations, people and borders around the world from Modern Age to contemporary Era

The project regards modern political philosophy, the birth and development of the idea of nation, the migratory events in history and in present era, and the related origins/modifications of nations and borders as well. The project is meant to let the students find out the meaning of the basic lexicon and deepen and develop their knowledge of the t…

23 Novembre 18

► Making your business letter better- exchanging business correspondence

This project helps students develop writing skills by identifying the steps involved in the business letter writing process. Students from Italy and Germany will write business emails concerning fictional products in a simulation-based context.

23 Novembre 18

► Simple Maths for everyone: “Let’s reckon “with” the host”

Students will be involved in: • identification of games, situations, problems that may be simulated and for which is possible to get the results by elementary counting and/or measuring and then find a general resolution formula; • sharing and comparing with classes of European peers; • use of English as a vehicular language to communicate hypothese…

23 Novembre 18

► Journeys for Peace

The project is linked to an Erasmus+ K2. It’s addressed to students aged 12 to 17 in 5 different countries. Recent events, like terrorism, mass migrations, refugees have brought about a sense of insecurity, which in turn increases feelings of fear, racism and intolerance towards what is perceived as different. Integration is losing status as a…

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